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Deep Low Level Laser Therapy (D3LT) for Veterinarians

The VetLase 500 was developed to be simple enough for an individual owner to use, but powerful enough to be a strong asset to veterinary practices worldwide.

The reason that the VetLase 500 is such a beneficial tool to have when practicing veterinary medicine is due to the treatment it can provide to animals that no other laser on the market can do as effectively.

Many owners are now seeing the benefits to using low level laser therapy to treat chronic and acute conditions in their pets. We designed our laser for use in both small animal clinics, as well as in equine specialty hospitals.

In dogs and cats, the VetLase 500 can be safely used directly on the spine, and will treat infections that are open or closed. It can help heal deep tissue injuries, and OCD lesions in family pets. In addition, the VetLase 500 cold therapy laser treats periodontal problems.

For horses, the VetLase 500 can treat through the hoof wall. This wall is thick, and normally does not allow light energy to be absorbed. Because of the ability of the VetLase 500 to penetrate the barrier, it can help treat laminitis and granulation of the hoof itself (which, if left untreated, can cause lameness issues and sore feet).

Additionally, the VetLase 500 can be used to heal torn suspensory ligaments and deep flexor tendons.

We would love to speak with clinic owners about the individual needs of their businesses.  Please contact us for more information, or to schedule a time to demo the VetLase 500.


We offer lease and financing options for veterinary practices.

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