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The VetLase 500 Cold Therapy Laser treats a variety of conditions in both horses and small animals, including but not limited to: laminitis, founder, granulation, arthritis, muscle tightness and soreness, healing of open wounds, hip dysplasia, and soft tissue injuries.

This is made possible because the patented deep, low-level laser therapy (D3LT) VetLase 500 has the strongest penetration on the market, allowing us to treat directly on soft tissue or bone without serious risk for surrounding tissue damage.

The key concept is that properly administered D3LT can significantly accelerate or induce natural healing and/or produce a “rejuvenating” effect on all mammalian soft tissue! Our patients typically experience a 25-50% reduction in healing time for acute injuries and post-surgical wounds. We have had excellent results with many chronic conditions -- reducing pain and sometimes curing the problem entirely!

Please see our testimonials page for information on how our non-invasive treatment options have worked for clients just like you!

We offer lease and financing options for veterinary practices.
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