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Kim Segal Patented Deep Low Level Laser Therapy (D3LT)

Kim Segal is a world leader in laser-assisted therapy for human medical, sports medicine and veterinary conditions. Kim did her undergraduate and graduate work at the University of Florida, receiving a BS with a concentration in exercise physiology and nutrition in 1978. The following year, Kim became certified as a Licensed Athletic Trainer. She soon earned recognition as one of the nation’s premier physical rehabilitation therapists. She has served on the Advisory Board of Athletic Trainers and been called upon to rehabilitate many well-known professional athletes. Among others, Kim has been a trainer for the U.S. Water Skiing Championships and the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Team. Early in her career, Kim became dedicated to exploiting the potential of Deep Low Level Laser Therapy (D3LT) as a soft tissue therapeutic modality.
Dr. Kim Segal

For over 25 years, Kim has been a leader in the field of D3LT for both human and veterinary conditions. She has been active in the World Association for Laser Therapy and has presented at WALT conferences. By passion and necessity, Kim became a pioneering inventor and developer of D3LT devices. With her extensive clinical experience and an in-depth understanding of the underlying science, she was dissatisfied with the efficacy of all available therapeutic D3LT devises. So over a 10 year period, Kim and a team of engineers developed, perfected and patented a D3LT therapeutic system that safely and painlessly achieves a depth of tissue penetration ten times greater (up to 2.0 inches) than any other available. Kim holds several patents in this area. She is also founder of a start-up medical equipment firm intending to commercialize this exclusive technology in the medical, veterinary and cosmetic markets.

Though the benefits of D3LT are not yet universally acknowledged throughout the conservative medical community, Kim’s clinical results over the last 10 years across a wide spectrum of soft tissue conditions have been impressive – and sometimes amazing. “Out for the season” athletes and post-surgical patients have consistently recovered 25-50% faster than normal – with significant reductions in pain. Seriously injured dogs and horses that were candidates for euthanasia were brought back to normal. A woman whose ankle was crushed in a horse riding accident turned to Kim as a last resort verses doctor-recommended amputation – and is now leading an active life. Elderly patients with debilitating chronic pain have “tried everything” – and are now functioning with no/minimal pain medication.
Horse Treatment

Kim has even been successful treating dreaded brown recluse spider bites – that could otherwise result in limb amputation or euthanasia. And the list goes on and on. Kim is also an accomplished and active athlete. In prior years, she was a collegiate gymnast, champion water skier and world class body builder. She even held two world records – for marathon water skiing and weight lifting. Currently, Kim owns several horses and is an avid equestrienne.


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