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Veterinarian Letters to VetLase

Jan Walling and “Check Six”

A few years ago my horse Check Six somehow managed to pull down the top wire above the No Climb horse fence.  It must have become caught in his right hock flexure where it sawed into the joint capsules leaving a 4”x8” open wound that resembled a “leg of lamb” surface. 

Fortunately, I found him within ten minutes of having injured himself and had the Argyle Vet Hospital staff on hand within minutes. We took him to the hospital where they decided to perform surgery to see if they could save him.

The doctor found that the injury was far worse than he had expected and he said that even with the best care in the world that Check Six would probably become infected and I would know for sure that his time had come for euthanasia. He mentioned that wounds of the hock often took up to two years to close but he had never encountered a wound as severe as this. 

Each day the cast would be removed and two liters of sterile fluid and antibiotics would be lavaged through the hock joints and dead tissue would be trimmed. I asked the doctors if Kim Segal at LaserStim could use “laser treatments” for Check Six even when the wound was exposed. 


Kim Segal treated Check Six and we were all amazed to see the increased blood supply during her brief treatments. The white tissues looked like white cauliflowers turning pink. 

Check Six was in the hospital for two weeks on intravenous fluids and antibiotics as well as large amounts of pain medication. The expected infection failed to appear due to the incredible veterinary care by Kim’s laser therapy.

After four months the huge wound had shrunk and had delicate scar tissue growing over its entire face! Amazing! 


Thank you Kim and LaserStim,

Jan Walling

Antonia Welker and "Fala"
About a month and a half ago, Fala (my 17 year old Arab Mix) became extremely lame. She was no longer stepping down on her left heel, which worsened her tendencies for contracting her tendons. She was starting to literally fall over the front of her hooves.
Additionally, she had a hoof abscess that we could not fully drain - which was contracting her tendons to the point that I was considering tendon surgery (again). At this point, a friend of mine recommended I contact Kim Segal to use the VetLase 500 on Fala's tendons and hooves. 

The VetLase treatments tremendously improved Fala's situation as outlined below:
1. Hoof abscess - The laser caused the abscess to finally come out - it had traveled up the leg and the laser assisted in releasing it safely above the joint.

2. Tendon contraction - As mentioned above, Fala's tendon was contracting severely and the first laser session resulted in immediate and visible improvements. Since then, the leg has straightened out and Fala steps most of the time down on her heels (both left and right).

3. Wound Closure - The abscess traveled prior to the first laser session up to the leg and started seeping through the skin following the first session. Eventually, the skin opened up and the drainage created large wounds in the front and the back of the leg (between the fetlock joint and knee). The laser has remarkably enhanced the healing process - including the shedding of dead skin and tissue. Even though the wound remains open at this time, the healing process is visibly well on its way and the wound is clean and not infected.
Thank you Kim and VetLase 500!
Antonia Welker, Double Oak, Texas

Heidrun von Tobiesen
My horse had undergone surgery to remove a split bone but had not been acting like her usual self. I contacted Kim Segal and Vetlase to see if their laser therapy could help.
My horse acts like a different horse, the day after we lasered her back! She is relaxed and more sure footed.
My vet noted, "There is movement in the leg,"  and, "There is life in the leg - something is happening. The heeling process has been activated." She repeated that statement two weeks after the last laser session. Her perception is that the surgery to remove the splint bone generated scar tissue that inhibited proper blood and energy flow through the injured area, but that the laser treatment re-generated both blood and energy flow.
Thank you, VetLase!

Becky Thompson and her National Champion mare
Thanks to the VetLase 500 my horses’ leg healed up quickly! I'd been dealing with a coronary band injury this past summer and it was a problem because it wasn't healing like I thought it should.  It was taking forever and my concern was the possibility of the ankle thickening and scarring.


The VetLase 500 treatments were easy to do and jump started the healing process. Within a short period of time, my concerns were put to rest as I saw the wound healing up and disappearing! 


Thanks to the VetLase 500 my National Champion Half-Andalusian Mare looks pretty as a picture!



Becky Thompson

Lisa Beaty and "Ruby"

My warmblood mare, Ruby, and I would like to thank you for treating her gently and effectively using the VetLase 500.  For over a year, I had been paying a chiropractic veterinarian to treat her neck, back, and hips on a monthly basis for stiffness and soreness due to jumping and dressage work. 

After just a few treatments, I was thrilled at how quickly she was back to full use and I’ve not had to continue with chiropractic visits. It was a pleasure to see how Ruby relaxed and enjoyed her VetLase treatments.


You came highly recommended and I am happy continue to recommend VetLase 500 to others.


Lisa Beaty

Human Therapeutics

Spinal Fusion Surgical Recovery – Thornton

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